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Kamal Herbal BH+ Natural Black (120 gm)

Kamal BH+ natural black herbal colour is a chemical free product. It does not contain ammonia, PPD, hydrogen peroxide or any heavy metal. It is suitable for people who develop allergies due to chemical containing hair colours.

Kamal Herbal Hibiscus Powder

It tends to be useful for conditions such as hypertension, elevated cholesterol, infections and numerous different conditions. The hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties of hibiscus make it ideal for heart's good health. It lowers the glycemic and lipid levels of the body, brings down the opportunity of blockage, cholesterol issue and dissemination issues. It additionally oversees glucose levels and controls diabetes. It is wealthy in amino acids that feed your hair, reinforce your hair roots, and keep your locks lush and healthy.

Kamal Herbal Neem Oil (50ml)

Its topical application can help treating worm, insects and mosquito bites. Neem oil is a deep rooted characteristic solution for dermatitis side effects like irritated, dry skin. Vitamin E rich Neem oil is unfathomably useful in alleviating the irritation and disturbance brought about by Psoriasis. Neem, with its antibacterial properties keeps the development of any further skin diseases. The asprin like compound in neem seed oil expels acne causing microbes from the skin. Additionally, the unsaturated fats in neem oil avert scars brought about by skin inflammation. Neem oil, enhanced with unsaturated fats, vitamin E, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties shields the skin from natural harm. It additionally contains carotenoids that quicken skin's resistance against free radicals which cause ageing. Neem oil is viewed as the most secure and the best method to dispose of head lice. Normal utilization of neem oil will result in sound scalp and hair.

Kamal Herbal’s Aloe Vera Facepack

It gives important supplements to the skin. Our aloe vera pack keeps the skin very much hydrated. Every day use of it disposes of skin inflammation. Essentially aloe vera contains two hormones: auxin and gibberellins. These two hormones give wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that lessen skin aggravation. Also, in ayurvedic prescription, aloe is utilized to successfully recuperate chronic skin issues, for example, psoriasis, skin inflammation and dermatitis.

Kamal Herbal’s Amla Shikakai Sat (210ml)

Revitalize your hair with Kamal Herbal’s Amla Shikakai Sat for natural strength and beauty.

Kamal Herbal’s Bhringraj Hair Care Powder

Bhringraj is an ayurvedic herb found in India. It is highly beneficial for the hair, that is why sometimes it is also termed as “Ruler of the hair”. It has hepato protective properties and is also considered to be highly beneficial in case of debility.

Kamal Herbal’s Mehndi (80gm)

Our herbal mehndi item is one of the trusted and adored items. Because of its natural properties it gives heaps of points of interest on hair development and health. Henna enhances hair development, diminishes hair fall, controls scalp irritation, significantly helps in controlling over dandruff. It is a characteristic hair color. Dry and harmed hair is inclined to split ends, which exacerbate the circumstance. Our herbal mehndi gives you profoundly adapted and supported hair and henceforth prevents split ends.